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Sat, Sep 26.20
  Secondhand News Plus  Helping Stuff Find Its Forever Home Since 1996!

About us – Secondhand News Plus


About us You need to know

Who We Are

Established in 1996 by Susan Beard and Carlean Lyall, Secondhand News Plus is a weekly shopper, published online every Thursday, serving Ashe and surrounding counties. In addition, we publish seasonal "targeted" print publications, distributed in 15 area counties— these are also available for download through our website.

Secondhand News Plus continues to be independently owned and operated and is not associated with any other publication. Our website is updated daily and we invite you to visit our FP page!

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Where We Are

Our physical location (not our mailing address) is 101 N. Jefferson Ave., West Jefferson, NC

Contact Info:

Secondhand News Plus

PO Box 979

West Jefferson, NC 28694

(336) 846-7469 • Ads@SHNPlus.com • Sales@SHNPlus.com

Hours: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday-Friday

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Ad Pricing What is free, what is paid?


but are not limited to:

PLEASE NOTE: Most (but not all**) personal items selling for LESS THAN $300 run FREE... but ONLY IF THE PRICE IS LISTED IN THE AD.

IF NO PRICE IS LISTED, the ad automatically becomes a paid ad and will not appear until payment is made. Free ads will run a minimum of 4 weeks and may be renewed after that time. However, YOU MUST NOTIFY US that you wish to renew it. If you sell your item, please notify us right away of that as well.

Items that are being given away

General Merchandise, Farm & Garden, Automotive or Antiques & Collectible items selling for less than $300. Price MUST be listed in the ad. **Some items do not qualify; check the ‘Notes’ in that category.

Community or church announcements

Generalized ‘want’ ads for merchandise

Community-organized fundraisers* for a local burnout victim, to help with medical or funeral expenses, or to benefit a local fire department or rescue squad, provided the ad states that ALL proceeds benefit these causes.

Classes offered when EVERYTHING IS FREE

Special messages, greetings, Cards of Thanks

*Does not apply to county, state or worldwide organizations.

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but are not limited to:

PLEASE NOTE: Paid Ads are $5.00 per ad per week (Pay for 4 weeks, 5th week is free)

• Single item selling for $300 or more

• Multiple items ( in the same ad OR in the same category ) totalling $300 or more

• “Make Offer” ads that do not list a price

• All Hay, Firewood ads

• Christmas Trees (for sale or wanted) and Related Items

• Nursery Plants and Timber (for sale or wanted)

• All Farm Produce/Products

• Animal Services, as well as animals for which service fees are charged, i.e.: “at stud”

• Animal breeders of dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, horses, etc., (registered or not)

• Single dogs or cats priced over $100 each or litters priced over $100 collectively. This includes “re-homing fees.”

• All livestock ads (cattle, horses, sheep, goats, llamas, pigs, poultry)

• All yard sales and some** fundraisers (ad may include up to 3 photos, website only)

• Auctions, Thrift Shops & Flea Markets

• Any and all rentals or leases (per rental or lease)

• Any and all Guns and Hunting Ads (on a per item basis)

• Any and all vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers, campers, boats, 4-wheelers, etc.)

• Any and all services offered on a part-time or work from home basis, ie: Appliance Refurbishing, Lawn & Garden Equipment Refurbishing, Babysitting, Elder Care, Weed Trimming, etc.

• Business Opportunities offered

• Classes offered for any fee(s)

• Employment ( help wanted or service(s) provided ) ads

• Business classifieds: Business defined as a person or persons, partnership or corporation selling a product or providing a service (including housing) on an ongoing basis, for the purpose of making a profit, as opposed to an individual selling personal property.

**Applies to county, state or worldwide organizations.

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Display Ads

Reach thousands!

We have ad packages available to fit any budget! For Display/Box ads, please call 336-846-7469 or email Sales@SHNPlus.com

Email Us!
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Online Payment It's easier than ever to place an ad!

You can pay for your ad right on our site!

Now Available!

Credit Card (via Square Credit Card Processing)

SHN Plus Paid Classified Ad (5 Wks) Best Deal!


SHN Plus Paid Classified Ad (2 Wks)


SHN Plus Paid Classified Ad (1 Wk)


Check or Cash in person

Drop a check or cash by our office at 101 N. Jefferson Ave, West Jefferson (across from Rosebud Bakery and next door to Cutter‘s Edge Hair Salon)

Pay by credit/debit card over the phone

Call our office, 336-846-7469. We are offering online payment with our Ad submission Form.)

By Mail

Mail a check or money order (please do NOT mail cash) to: Secondhand News Plus, PO Box 979, West Jefferson, NC 28694. To insure proper credit, please be sure to write the phone number you are using on your classified ad in the memo section of your check


We DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. However, if you sell your item before the allotted (paid for) time is up (example, if you pay for a month and sell your item after 2 weeks), you will not be issued a refund. We ask that you please call and let us know as soon as the item is sold so that we can remove it or mark it "sold". If your (paid for) classified ad is inadvertently omitted, we will be happy to run it the following week or issue a credit for future use, but again, you must call us.

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Policies Those pesky details


• Unlimited weekly exposure on our website for the duration of your "paid for" time

• Exposure in our online PDF version, available in its entirety from a link on our website.

• Exposure in our easy-to-read Secondhand News Plus printed** version (estimated 15,000-PLUS readership), distributed primarily in Ashe, Alleghany, Watauga and Wilkes counties in North Carolina, Grayson County, VA, and Johnson County, TN. ( PLEASE NOTE** : Secondhand News Plus is on a temporary printing hold due to COVID-19. We thank you for reading online version— and please visit our FB page: @SecondhandNewsPlus where you can find information and links to our business advertisers and other fun and entertaining "stuff."

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Classified Ad Deadlines

Deadline for ALL Advertising is 5 pm Monday for the Current Issue

Our classified deadline is 5 pm on Monday for the current week. Please submit your ad, with payment (if required-please check to see) prior to that time. (See payment options below.) Unpublished ads that remain unpaid after 14 days will be deleted from our records.

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How Do I Cancel an Ad?

My item sold, and I want to stop the calls!

You can click the "Feedback" link that is to the bottom right of your ad, and let us know through the contact page. That will give us a link to your ad, so we cancel the right one.

Or, call our office, 336-846-7469, or email: ads@SHNPlus.com. Make sure your email includes the phone number used in the classified ad.

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Secondhand News Plus, Inc. reserves the right to limit the number of ads placed by a single party. Secondhand News Plus, Inc. will not knowingly accept or publish advertising which is fraudulent or misleading in nature.

Secondhand News Plus, Inc. reserves the sole right to edit, revise or reject any and all advertising with or without cause being assigned.

Secondhand News Plus, Inc. assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisement, but if at fault, will reprint the classified ad (or) that portion of the (display) ad in which the error appears.

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