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Sat, Sep 26.20
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8 Cats ads
Note: Note: Ads for cats over $100, $5.00 per week

KITTENS Four are eight weeks old (as of 08/24/2020): three males, which are gray with white markings, and a gray striped female. There is also a six-month-old female, gray with white markings, and a one-and-a-half year-old gray female (the mother of all five kittens). All of the cats are litterbox trained and eating both wet and solid food. The four younger kittens are solely indoors while the older kitten and the mother are indoor/outdoor. None are fixed, nor have they received their shots. Being on disability has made it too difficult for me to be able to afford caring for them, as well as I have recently found out that I'm actually allergic to cats. Due to my circumstances I need to find them loving homes ASAP. If interested, contact Judy Holman at 336-977-5857 between 10 am and 10 pm.   Feedback

STRAY CAT! She is pregnant and about to have kittens! I want her in a good home before she has the kittens!!! Free. Please call 336-620-0010.   Feedback

KITTENS Approx. 12 weeks old. One short-haired Calico, one long-haired, mostly white, with a few calico spots; and one long-haired gray & white. Free to good homes. Please call 336-385-1438 after 6 pm.   Feedback

6 KITTENS Prefer to be outdoors, colorings are black and black & white. Free to good homes. Call 336-620-0010.   Feedback

2 CATS, FREE TO A GOOD HOME. I have one calico (female), has been spayed and is up to date on rabies shot ‘til spring. One orange tabby (male), has been fixed, also up to date on rabies shot ‘til spring. Both are 2 years old and both are good mousers. Need to find homes for them because I have to move and can‘t take with me. 423-460-1661.   Feedback