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Wed, Sep 23.20
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General Merchandise
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ZOOM TO GALAXIES, PLANETS & BLACK HOLES Thursday, Sept. 24, from 5-5:45 pm. Dr. Grant Tremblay and Katie Coppens are tackling the toughest space questions that you might have in this fun session. Dr. Tremblay is an astrophysicist at Harvard and the Smithsonian and is one of the hosts of various TV shows including “How the Universe Works” and “Space’s Deepest Secrets.” In this session, space facts from the mind of an astrophysicist will be brought down to earth by Katie Coppens, an award winning middle school teacher. The authors will start with questions from their popular book, "What Do Black Holes Eat for Dinner?" The program is free for ages 9 and up. For more information on this and other similar events or to register, contact Debbie Brewer at the Alleghany County Public Library, 336-372-5573 or register by Sept. 22 at https://tumblehomebooks.org/zoom-to-galaxies-planets-black-holes-9-24-500-pm-et-free/   Register Here Feedback

ROCKING HORSE Excellent condition! For kids around ages 4-12. Selling for $15. Please call 336-372-8677.   Feedback

HANDMADE CRICKET This is an awesome toy for your little ones to play with or keep it for looks! This wooden cricket was handmade in Ashe County! He's looking for his forever home!! Come pick this guy up at Southern Slang, 101 N. Jefferson Ave., downtown West Jefferson! Give us a call at 336-977-2353 or visit our Facebook Page!   Facebook Feedback