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LOOKING FOR A BAND... My name is Slade and I'm 37 years old. I play guitar and do a little singing, but I can't remember long strings of lyrics. I was in a band in high school and another one later in college and these were some of the most formative experiences of my life. My top 5 most influential bands would be: Nirvana, The Beatles, Weezer, Mozart, and Iron & Wine. I am okay at guitar, but I need a band to help me realize my dreams of musical creation. This has been an ongoing desire of mine for many years. I have lived in Ashe County for 3. Grew up in Georgia and about 5 other states (Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Maryland, Colorado...). If any of this interests you, we should at least give it a shot and see what practicing together is like. I have an acoustic/electric and electric guitar. I have a dream of calling the band ‘Elmo,’ but maybe you already have a band started and just need a guitarist. This is gonna require some experimentation. Let's just give it a try? Thanks! Call 828-263-3470 or email sladecole@hotmail.com .   Feedback