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Snakes of the Mountains

What you need to Know!

by Joseph Shimel

Snakes! I look down at my phone and a picture of a snake pops up followed by the text, “What kind of snake is this?” This seems to be a regular occurrence for me as things begin to warm up in the late spring and early summer here in the mountains. As a park ranger with North Carolina State Parks and a snake enthusiast, anyone that knows me also knows I love snakes.

Snakes are reptiles and are ectothermic, what most people refer to as cold-blooded. This means that they [more...]

Special Thanks to Joseph Shimel, Park Superintendent, New River State Park & Mount Jefferson State Natural Area, Ashe County, NC For more Info, Please Call 336-982-2587

06/15/21 13:27/ Webguy/ Specials/
Kelly's Skittles

—by Kelly Hoosier

My uncle, Kenneth Paige, and my Aunt Cathy Paige (former owners of KatBird Crafts) had a parrot when I was growing up, and I absolutely loved that bird! I still ask about “Tweety” anytime that I speak to them. I’ve wanted one since I was a kid! I did some research on large Macaws and was thinking of getting one of four types: Scarlet Macaw, GreenWing Macaw, Catalina Macaw, or Blue and Gold.

06/22/21 00:19/ Carlean Lyall/ Specials/