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SPORTS 1-2-20

The Ashe County Huskies picked up a pair of wins over East Rutherford and North Surry on New Year’s Eve to continue building on a successful 2019-20 season.

Ashe 60, East Rutherford 9

106 pounds: No match

113 pounds: No match

120 pounds: Nate Brown (Ashe) pinned Clayton Wright (East Rutherford) in 4:37.

126 pounds: Drew Rowland (Ashe) won by forfeit.

132 pounds: Trent Baker (Ashe) pinned Denzel Lowrance (East Rutherford) in 2:48.

138 pounds: Joseph Scoggins (East Rutherford) pinned Austin Hart (Ashe) in 2:43.

145 pounds: Andrew Peterson (Ashe) pinned Alan Lopez (East Rutherford) in 2:28.

152 pounds: Drake Elliott (Ashe) pinned Isaiah Tapp (East Rutherford) in 43 seconds.

160 pounds: Matthew Peterson (Ashe) pinned Gabe Mathis (East Rutherford) in 1:53.

170 pounds: Gabe Bare (Ashe) pinned Angelia Mathis (East Rutherford) in 47 seconds.

182 pounds: Calvin Jones (East Rutherford) defeated Kabel Dillard (Ashe) by an 11-6 decision.

195 pounds: Timothy Peterson (Ashe) pinned Nesean Robinson (East Rutherford) in 43 seconds.

220 pounds: Jaron Greer (Ashe) pinned Brayan Rubio-Malo (East Rutherford) in 1:50.

285 pounds: Keagan Church (Ashe) pinned Sam Hopkins (East Rutherford) in 2:30.

Ashe 69, North Surry 6

106 pounds: Will Brickell (North Surry) won by forfeit.

113 pounds: No match

120 pounds: Luke Sheets (Ashe) pinned Caleb Utt (North Surry) in 3:43.

126 pounds: Drew Rowland (Ashe) pinned William France (North Surry) in 1:45.

132 pounds: Cabot Calhoun (Ashe) won by forfeit.

138 pounds: Canyon Pennington (Ashe) pinned Mason Dollyhigh (North Surry) in 2:53.

145 pounds: Drake Elliott (Ashe) defeated Adam Martin (North Surry) by an 8-3 decision.

152 pounds: Andrew Peterson (Ashe) won by forfeit.

160 pounds: Matthew Peterson (Ashe) pinned Gavan Holsclaw (North Surry) in 1:50.

170 pounds: Gabe Bare (Ashe) pinned Jessie Avila (North Surry) in 3:27.

182 pounds: Kabel Dillard (Ashe) pinned Adam Slate (North Surry) in 2:42.

195 pounds: Timothy Peterson (Ashe) won by forfeit.

220 pounds: Jaxon Kitson (Ashe) won by forfeit.

285 pounds: Keagan Church (Ashe) won by forfeit.

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