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SPORTS 1-16-20

The wrestling team opened 2020 on Saturday with a trip to Galax for the Galax Duals. Ashe went 2-3 against some of the best teams in Southwest Virginia. The Huskies earned wins against Carroll County and Galax and lost to Grundy, Lebanon and Rural Retreat.

Ashe 54, Carroll County (VA) 15

106: No match

113: No match

120: Luke Sheets (Ashe) pinned Seth Robinson (Carroll County) in 1:20.

126: Colin Estes (Ashe) pinned Brayden Weatherman (Carroll County) in 21 seconds.

132: Trent Baker (Ashe) pinned Jamin Whitaker (Carroll County) in 5:36.

138: Caleb Lowe (Carroll County) defeated Canyon Pennington (Ashe) by a 3-2 decision.

145: Andrew Peterson (Ashe) won by forfeit.

152: Drake Elliott (Ashe) pinned Gabriel Melton (Carroll County) in 1:45.

160: Brant Davidson (Carroll County) pinned Isaac Miller (Ashe) in 20 seconds.

170: Brayden Hunt (Carroll County) pinned Gabe Bare (Ashe) in 2:44.

182: Kabel Dillard (Ashe) won by forfeit.

195: Eli Mast (Ashe) won by forfeit.

220: Jaxon Kitson (Ashe) won by forfeit.

285: Keagan Church (Ashe) won by forfeit.

Ashe 53, Galax (VA) 18

106: No match

113: No match

120: Sheets (Ashe) won by forfeit.

126: Drew Rowland (Ashe) pinned Javier Gallardo (Galax) in 3:13.

132: Baker (Ashe) won by forfeit.

138: Cristian Rojas (Galax) pinned Austin Hart (Ashe) in 3:24.

145: A. Peterson (Ashe) pinned Taylor Poole (Galax) in 1:49.

152: Elliott (Ashe) defeated Ronny Horton (Galax) by a 20-5 technical fall.

160: Kolton Barnes (Galax) pinned Miller (Ashe) in 1:46.

170: Bare (Ashe) pinned David Espinoza (Galax) in 57 seconds.

182: Dillard (Ashe) pinned Luke Belcher (Galax) in 1:09.

195: Timothy Peterson (Ashe) pinned Issaac Bartlett (Galax) in 44 seconds.

220: Jaron Greer (Ashe) won by forfeit.

285: Sanchez Brender (Galax) pinned Church (Ashe) in 1:37.

Grundy (VA) 46, Ashe 33

106: Ethan Blankenship (Grundy) won by forfeit.

113: Kaleb Horn (Grundy) won by forfeit.

120: Michael Taylor (Grundy) pinned Sheets (Ashe) in 2:20.

126: Rowland (Ashe) won by forfeit.

132: Baker (Ashe) won by forfeit.

138: Chris Stiltner (Grundy) pinned Hart (Ashe) in 45 seconds.

145: A. Peterson (Ashe) won by forfeit.

152: Ian Scammell (Grundy) defeated Elliott (Ashe) by an 11-1 majority decision.

160: Matthew Peterson (Ashe) defeated Matthew Riley (Grundy) by a 9-2 decision.

170: Bare (Ashe) pinned Reed Campbell (Grundy) in 3:38.

182: Peyton McComas (Grundy) pinned Dillard (Ashe) in 23 seconds.

195: Hunter Scarberry (Grundy) pinned T. Peterson (Ashe) in 1:51.

220: Jaron Greer (Ashe) pinned Jacob Deel (Grundy) in 1:51.

285: Logan Looney (Grundy) pinned Church (Ashe) in 34 seconds.

Lebanon (VA) 51, Ashe 30

106: Colton Barton (Lebanon) won by forfeit.

113: Neil Kiser (Lebanon) won by forfeit.

120: Sheets (Ashe) won by forfeit.

126: Hunter Martin (Lebanon) pinned Rowland (Ashe) in 3:56.

132: Luke Childress (Lebanon) pinned Baker (Ashe) in 3:10.

138: Jackson Mullins (Lebanon) pinned Hart (Ashe) in 1:26.

145: A. Peterson (Ashe) pinned Hunter Sykes (Lebanon) in 42 seconds.

152: Elliott (Ashe) pinned Levi Thomas (Lebanon) in 1:30.

160: Fisher Martin (Lebanon) pinned M. Peterson (Ashe) in 2:57.

170: Casey Martin (Lebanon) defeated Bare (Ashe) by a 7-6 decision.

182: Logan Smith (Lebanon) pinned Dillard (Ashe) in 57 seconds.

195: T. Peterson (Ashe) pinned Cole Barton (Lebanon) in 1:12.

220: Greer (Ashe) won by forfeit.

285: Trent Ray (Lebanon) pinned Church (Ashe) in 2:30.

Rural Retreat (VA) 52, Ashe 24

106: Parker Stone (Rural Retreat) won by forfeit.

113: No match

120: Blake Battaglia (Rural Retreat) defeated Sheets (Ashe) by a 17-2 technical fall.

126: Eli Blevins (Rural Retreat) pinned Rowland (Ashe) in 1:07.

132: Baker (Ashe) pinned Joey Olender (Rural Retreat) in 5:52.

138: Mason Via (Rural Retreat) pinned Hart (Ashe) in 4:25.

145: A. Peterson (Ashe) won by forfeit.

152: Blaine Sage (Rural Retreat) defeated Elliott (Ashe) by a 15-0 technical fall.

160: Dorian Delp (Rural Retreat) pinned M. Peterson (Ashe) in 49 seconds.

170: Wyatt Sage (Rural Retreat) pinned Bare (Ashe) in 3:27.

182: Ross Via (Rural Retreat) pinned Dillard (Ashe) in 1:52.

195: Eli Fourtner (Rural Retreat) pinned T. Peterson (Ashe) in 1:21.

220: Greer (Ashe) defeated Nathan Turner (Rural Retreat) by injury forfeit.

285: Church (Ashe) pinned Jacob Holston (Rural Retreat) in 4:39.

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