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Thu, Aug 13.20

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  • Please see our current Ad Pricing Policies or call our office, 336-846-7469.
  • If payment is required, you may pay by phone with your debit or credit card (please have your card ready when you call). We also accept cash and checks.
  • Your ad will appear on our website as soon as possible after it is received (along with any payment).
  • Credit Card (via Square Card Processing)

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  • Deadline for the current week is 5 pm Monday for ad submission and payment.
  • We offer free internet photos to individuals wishing to sell a personal item. A business may run a copy of their logo online provided they are paying for the logo (considered to be a photo ad) to run in print and paying for a hyperlink. More info...
  • We are located at 101 N. Jefferson Ave, West Jefferson, NC, next door to The Cutters Edge hair salon and across the street from Rosebud Bakery. If you mail your payment, please address it to:
    Secondhand News Plus, PO Box 979, West Jefferson, NC 28694.
  • Please note: If you include our street address on your envelope, it will be returned to you - we do not have a mailbox on site. Also, please be sure to "memo" the phone number used in your classified ad.

    To cancel your classified ad, please call our office, 336-846-7469, or email: Ads@SHNPlus.com. Make sure your email includes the phone number used in the classified ad.